What It Will Cost

Each business is unique, and therefore the needs of each client differ. That’s why we’d like the opportunity to give you a custom quote for your business built on your specific needs. We don't want to waste your time (or ours) if the costs aren't in your budget, but we can create a plan to fit almost any budget, even if it means building and expanding your website over time.

So how much does it cost? As much as you want to spend. Our Sandrock Web Design prices start as low as $200. If all you need is a one-page “business card” web site, we can do that for as little as $200 (excluding hosting fee). A reasonable expectation for a basic site with a few basic pages is $300-$600.

No matter what your budget, we'd like the opportunity to give you a custom quote based on your needs and your budget. We run discounts and specials from time to time, so call us and see if we can put together a package that's right for you. It's YOUR budget. Just let us know and we will work with you to deliver what you want, when you need it, and within your budget.

Breaking it down

There are four main components to a web site:

  • Domain name — You purchase the domain name of your choice. A domain name is structured as yoursitename.com. Purchasing this costs about $15 a year. You can purchase this on your own through a 3rd party vendor, or we can purchase and handle all your domain registration needs for you.
  • Hosting — You pay a web site host to keep your web site online all the time. They place your graphics and text files on their server, and keep it running 24/7. We currently host our websites on our own dedicated servers.  
  • Design and Build — This comprises a chunk of the start-up costs. What level of graphics do you want — highly developed, customized just for you? Or something more generic, from a template? How involved are you going to be in writing the content? Do you know how you want the pages set up? What extras do you want on your site? Do you have permission to use the images you have? Do you know your priorities for getting your site up and running? Do you need help with contests, or mailing lists, or screening e-mail? We will discuss all of these options with you, as part of the process of outlining your site and determining its proposed cost.
  • Maintenance — How often do you want to update your content? Do you offer interactive pages on your site that need to be monitored? Do you provide tips online? Do you need a blog? Do you need other social networking tools monitored on your behalf? This is another area in which costs can be controlled to fit your budget. A professional can update an entire site in less time than it probably takes the average computer user to figure out how things are set up, where they are, and how to make changes and publish them. Site maintenance is billed hourly or can be negotiated monthly in advance. Cost is based on the frequency of your updates. We will discuss with you what your specific needs might be and outline a plan specific to your needs.

So there you have it. A good basic cost guide for you to consider. There are still many other services we provide that aren't listed here. We don't publish all of our prices online for competitive purposes. But a customized proposal is yours for the asking. Call us now at 713-320-5617  (1-888-539-3932) or complete our contact form and we'll call YOU!

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