What we do, and how we do it.

Our First Consultation

First, we will discuss your needs and your budget. Our first consultation can be by phone, in person, or by email. The initial consultation is always FREE. We want to learn as much about you as we can to determine if we are the right solution for you. During the consultation, we will ask these questions:

  • What is the overall goal for your business?
  • How involved you will be in the process?
  • Do you have any existing logos, artwork, or trademarks?
  • Do you have any suggestions about the web site's design; other websites you like, brochures etc?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in this project?
  • Have you decided on a domain name?
  • Do you have a website outline?
  • How many pages do you need?

The answers to these questions will help us create a web site that accurately reflects your business. We can create an estimate for you within 2 business days

Selecting and Registering your Domain Name

  • Domain name selection (We will help you find that perfect domain name if you do not already have one)
  • Domain name registration

Web Site Design (1-4 Days)

  • Create general look and feel
  • Custom logo design (Optional Service)
  • Website layout options
  • Content development

Mockups will be emailed to client for review and approval

Site Development and Launch

  • Apply general look and feel to website. 
  • Up to 3 rounds of client revisions
  • Enable web analytics tracking and reporting (SmarterStats)
  • Setup email accounts.
  • Launch the website.

We can have your fully functioning website up and running typically within 1-2 weeks


  • You may or may not select a maintenance plan for changes and updates to your site.

Minor changes and updates to the website are usually completed within 24 hours.

Site Promotion/Optimization

Site promotion brings qualified traffic to your site. There are many tactics that can be employed to bring you highly qualified customers/visitors. Web site promotion is an ongoing endeavor.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • social networking options (including blogs, Facebook, Twitter
  • ad banner campaigns
  • offline campaigns
  • newsletters
  • email blasts

Continuous Improvement

This is the single most important thing you can do with your site. How can you determine if you are successful if you aren't measuring your progress? We are driving the right traffic to your site. Now, the question is, are they behaving in the way that best supports their need and your business? If not, we can change that. If so, we can improve upon it.

  • analyze traffic trends
  • analyze user behavior
  • provide reporting to client
  • present site optimization proposal to client
  • implement tracking
  • provide periodic reporting to client
  • recommend site improvements to improve performance

While some of these steps may seem overwhelming, not every client goes through all steps, and we take care of most of them for you, and will walk you through the entire process. Contact Us to get started!

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